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Welcome to the home of Shade of Echoes.


Shade of Echoes is a small guild (Expecting to grow) started by a couple of old time players. We been doing hardcore raiding since vanilla in WoW and also enjoyed quite a lot of PvP. The creation of Shade of Echoes came from that we wanted to start over, enjoy the game outside raiding on a more casual basis. We still do aim to do some casual raiding but that is not the main focus anymore as the focus now is not results but having a good time in game. It might be doing some casual raiding, PvP (Arena, Battlegrounds or world), RP or whatever people in the guild wants to do.

I as a leader have experience in running very dedicated guilds and most of the backbone of the guild I always let others deal with. Giving others leadership roles have helped me to focus on the actual guild, taking care of the people and making sure the guild lives as a whole and that every member are taken care of, no matter if you are a senior player or loading up WoW for the first time.

The guild funds I have provided myself and as long as the costs are not too high with guild repairs etc I will continue this. I earn this gold myself in game and do it in a legit way. Perhaps in the end we will be able to get a market going where the guild will be able to sustain itself by different means. Cash flow (guild perk) provides a small sum each week, so far tho the sum is so low that it does not cover a single repair of a higher level character. But I am hoping that the sum will go up some and that the guild can get some income by selling materials or items we manage to get our hands on during dungeons or raids.


  • Respect each other. We are all humans, we have good and bad days but in the end it only matters how we treat eachother.
  • No hacking / cheating. There will be no hacking or cheating committed whilst you carry the Shade of Echoes name, you will be removed from the guild.
  • Enjoy yourself. You do what you wish to do, you don't have to take part in guild events as raiding, PvP or RP, it is up to you what you wish to do. Although of course it is nice if you take part in some of our activities.


The aim of the guild as a whole is to create an enjoyable environment for the members and people who interact with us. There is no goals to be the  best in a certain area etc, but sure, if some people set themselves out to be in the top of the RP community, Arena ladders or similar, that is up to them and the guild will support them in their goals. As a person I have some ideas that I would like to do in the guild, of course this will not be done if people do not want to take part in it.

  • Player / Guild achievements. Always an enjoyable part of the game is to gain achievements for the guild and the members.
  • Dungeons / Raiding. The thought is not to be competing for the top spots on the realm but enjoy ourselves and take on some dungeons / raiding to provide the guild with an opportunity to see places together with friends. This could be all from doing old content raiding (Payback on that vanilla boss you wiped on so many times!) to trying our hands on the challenge modes.
  • PvP. Arena, Rated BattleGrounds or just world PvP. Can always be an extra dimension to the game and get the heart pounding with some PvP.
  • RP. This area I will find someone to handle for me, I am myself quite inexperienced in the area but curious to take part in some RP events. I am hoping although that I will be able to find a person or two who can be the RP:ers of the guild and who are part of that aspect of the game. 

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